Go Red 2014! (click on dress)

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Anti Shark Wet Suits and Surfboards!

new anti shark suit








Surfing and Diving News…Anti Shark Wet Suits and Surfboards!  This new anti-shark wet suits sound like a brilliant concept for Surfers and Divers…if they work! http://www.nbcnews.com/science/anti-shark-suits-could-make-surfers-unappealing-snack-6C10761511

anti shark diving suit

Our choices

Sometimes I’m happy2012  1da copy

sometimes I’m not

but it doesn’t define me

and I’m not getting caught

in doldrums, sadness

depression or blues

for I’m aware of my blessings

and it’s joy that I choose!     Hansi Riley

Keepers of the Earth

We are the present keepers of the earth

as were many generations before us. 

What they have or have not done

has made its mark and will continue to play out

but how will future generations view

the contributions we’ve made…         Hansi Riley

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