Quiet Glen in Winter

A soft glow and then radiance

as the Sun pushes out

from its blanketing of dark clouds.

I feel my skin warm under its caress

I’m surprised by its intensity

on such a cold winters day.

The glen under the sun’s touch, softens glistening snow 4a

and snow fairies appear

glimmering and dancing

from newly melting snow.

The forest groans and whispers

as snow

loosened from heavily burdened branches

softly hits the ground

 and small animals scurry,

in search of food.

I breath the frigid air

absorbing the glen’s tranquil beauty,

and say a prayer of thanks…

for all that is life!              Hansi Riley

Changing Dreams

Daydreams I had 

when I was a child

were brightly colored scenes

but as I’ve aged

they’ve seemed to change

to bright and vivid dreams     

                         Hansi Riley

Running for Exercise…sort of!

For exercise I like to run.

So I run the dishwasher

dryer,  my nylons and more!

The thing is…

I need variety in my runs!    Hansi Riley

running wilder

‘Wicked Lady Fate’

Wicked 4


No matter how you plan

or how well things are going

fate is still a step ahead.

She’s a wicked vixen

with a cruel sense of humor

and if you think you’re safe…

think again!     Hansi Riley

The Healing Place

I have a place

I like to go

it’s lush and always green.

I go there with my problemsbeautiful lake 1d

and leave there

with new dreams.

This place is bathed in beauty

serenity and peace.

The music is terrific

and here I find relief.

This hideaway is here to stay

the cost of it is free.

I’ll never find a better place

cause it’s inside of me.    Hansi Riley