Who’s judging the Judges…

judging the judges




 Recently Judge G. Todd Baugh of Montana sentenced Stacey Rambold (a teacher), because he raped one of his students (a 14 year old girl, Cherice Morales).  He sentenced him to 15 year in prison, which he then cut down to 30 DAYS in jail, yes that’s all!  One of the statements the Judge made to explain his decision was that the girl looked older than her chronological age, Really!  I mean REALLY!  Oh and by the way, Cherice Morales ended up killing herself later, the ravages of rape strike again.

Because of demonstrations and the media putting the story out, the teacher was re-sentenced, (I can’t believe they could let the same Judge do it again), and he gave the teacher only 2 years this time!  Let me say this, if this had been the Judges daughter or granddaughter, the Judge probably would have thrown the teacher in jail and tossed away the key!  Both his sentences were erratic and ridiculous!

As you can tell, I’m sick, disgusted and incensed by the entire situation, that poor child and her family left behind.  Rape is such a horrific act, but when done to a child it makes me crazy, I’d like to castrate the guy myself!  OK, I’m not going to, he really deserves that and more!  The guy should have been charged with raping a child and 2nd degree murder! 

Now back to Judge G. Todd Baugh, this Judge is still deciding the fate of people, his total lack of judgement, the ignorant statements he made and the possible prejudice he showed frighten me for all those who will have to stand before him. 

This case got me wondering how many other cases were misjudged or miss-sentenced and weren’t caught.  So again my question is, who’s watch-dogging the Judges, are we paying enough attention to the competency of those chosen to represent and protect us? 

My heart and prayers go out to Cherice Morales and her family and friends.  There was no reason or excuse for any of this.  I pray she is now at peace in heaven.   For more on this case, see http://buff.ly/156dbDk

Innocent Child

Innocent child how you break my heartinnocent child 1a

lacking food and shelter right from the start.

Was there ever a time you could just be a child

with food  in your belly and a reason to smile.

How did we miss you?

How could we be so blind?

With the wealth of our nation we’ve just got to find

solutions to hunger

for the good of mankind!    Hansi Riley


Childhood Poverty in America http://buff.ly/UHzGa2

Beneath the Surface

Look into my eyesThe girl with the haunting eyes

they tell a story

about my troubles

about my glory

If you take the time to see

there’s so much more

inside of me.          Hansi Riley

I wrote this poem to remind us about those who are not able to express themselves as easily, the unheard!

Life can get so busy and rushed, and communication is such an intricate part of  it.  Because of this many who don’t, won’t or can’t express themselves, could be looked over, ignored or  have a rougher time of it.  We could be talking about some babies, animals, Veterans (active and inactive), those with Dementia, Alzheimer’s, the elderly, those in a coma or sick and the list could go on and on.  

I wish you all love, happiness and peace of mind…Happy Holidays,  Hansi