Magic of Reading

sail away

Stay with me Oma

read to me some more.

For my mind is full of wonder

and your words

they open doors.

To travel and to ponder

over lands so far away.

Read to me Oma

and let us sail today.   Hansi Riley




Adventures at Sea

How I wish to sail the Seas

breathe air so alive

taste salt in the breeze.

So exciting and dangerous

for those born without fins.

We might spot a Mermaid

coming up from within.

Or fall upon Pirates flying skull and bone.

Who could say when traveling

this far from home.

What I wouldn’t give

to return to the Sea

and experience adventures

like in the books that I read!   Hansi Riley


Time Travel, what time period would you go to?

There are so many books and movies time travel 12

about Time Travel, it makes you

wonder about actually living and

surviving in other periods of time.   

Have you ever thought about 

Time Travel? 

If so what period would you go

back to and why?   

Hansi Riley

Treasures of the World

The World has silver

platinum and gold

and is rich and beautiful

to beholdcloud heart.

But of all the treasures

your apt to see

the greatest one

you might agree

has no price

and can’t be sold

just shared from the heart

its the love you hold.     Hansi Riley