Time for Change

Bob Marley 3bOne Love


Breaking the Cycle

Children aren’t born

with prejudice and hate,

but when raised with it

they tend to emulate.

Then prejudice once more

gets passed on down.

Until tolerance and education

start turning it around.

Hansi Riley

babies 2



The Sea within (click on picture for song), enjoy!

In my dreams

I’m drawn to the Sea

Crashing waves

mist in the breeze

The taste of  salt

as it dries on my skin

Hair in my face

tossed by the wind

In times of sorrow

it beckons me

Cause the Sea is the place

  where my soul feels free    

                           Hansi Riley

overlooking the stormy sea. 2bjpg

Wasted Moments

Where’d you go

how’d you slip away.

Was I that clueless alone 3b1

or did our love just fade.

Couldn’t of been that busy

maybe self-absorbed.

Never looking past the surface

to see if there was more.

But I really loved you

I thought that you should know

and I wish you the love

that I never really showed.  Hansi Riley