Moonlit Dreams

The night mist dances

slowly, gracefully

over the  darkening land.

She knows her job wellnight faries6a

and as night deepens

she quickens in her journey.

There is much to do before dawn

on arrival she wastes no time

soothing, calming and inspiring

each to dream their beautiful dreams

and as peaceful slumber arrives

she smiles and swirls away

sharing more of her moonlit dreams. 

                                                         Hansi  Riley


Changing Dreams

Daydreams I had 

when I was a child

were brightly colored scenes

but as I’ve aged

they’ve seemed to change

to bright and vivid dreams     

                         Hansi Riley

Goals and Dreams

Hold onto your goals and dreams             the light shining through

don’t let hardship

dissuade you in your pursuit.

Dreams and goals

can help you to persevere

through challenges

and keep you focused

on what really matters.   Hansi Riley

A Prayer Answered

Speak to me and share your story

I will listen.

What Burden do you carry

in silence.

You are safe to release these burdens,

you don’t need them


I will give you shelter and help you find


moonlight over water 1b

I awoke one night to these words and immediately got up to write them down.  When I read them I realized what a gift they were and how they hit home.  I don’t know that any of my prayers ever touched on anything like this, my prayers tend to be more for others and family, friends and loved ones. I’m usually very private about my spirituality, but I talked to a friend today and told him the story, he told me I should share it.   Hansi Riley