Innocent Child / Childhood Poverty in America

inocent child...

Childhood Poverty In America

Ooh Child / The Five Stairsteps


We’re in this Together!

If we left politics, religion In this together

and all other differences

at the door,

it would then boil down to this…

All we really have on this planet

is each other,

so we really should play nice.    Hansi Riley

Innocent Child

Innocent child how you break my heartinnocent child 1a

lacking food and shelter right from the start.

Was there ever a time you could just be a child

with food  in your belly and a reason to smile.

How did we miss you?

How could we be so blind?

With the wealth of our nation we’ve just got to find

solutions to hunger

for the good of mankind!    Hansi Riley


Childhood Poverty in America

Short film I was in, hosted by Sonny Bono, bad but funny

In 1968 I was in this cheesy short film riding my horse (see 27:43)< I start here.   They used to show this film to the guys just before sending them over to Vietnam.  I guess after watching this they didn’t mind as much. (= Marijuana (1968) is a short film that is hosted by Sonny Bono. They wouldn’t let me wear any makeup and they had me take off my moccasins. So funny!

Looks like Diablo 1a

They did some filming in our house and backyard (pool with guy sitting on the diving board).   They also showed our high school football team, and I have friends and my sister in it.  I had never seen it before late 2012, it was on TV and I saw the pool shot and told my husband it was my parent’s house (he didn’t believe me, hehe).  So I found it online and we were both surprised.  The past has a way of following us!

What’s going on, could we be fueling these youth shootings?!?

Children are like sponges and generally absorb more information in a shorter time than adults.  So it has always been up to adults to make sure that they are educated and protected from extremely negative information.  I think at this point we should be reevaluating what is feeding this increase in youth violence. It actually wouldn’t hurt to tone down some of the violence in games, movies and TV either.  Desensitizing is not new, it has been used for centuries to ready troops for fighting.  Unfortunately it seems that some are acting out some of the violence they see.  If you think I’m just a right wing conservative, your very wrong.  I have always been a moderate and I have no agenda, other than to speak out when I think it can help.  To have this many reoccurring shootings and violence coming from our youth is not normal!  I actually think it’s a pretty strong warning.  The hormonal imbalance going on as a child matures is pretty erratic, one moment laughing the next crying and so on. A happy well balanced child may not have an issue with all of the violence, but obviously there are some that are.   All I’m saying is to check out what is on the games, movies and TV and come to your own conclusion.  Those of you out there directing, producing and so on, would it kill you to take it down a notch.   Hansi Riley

Are We Becoming Desensitized?

To look into another’s eyes

without seeing the beauty that is life.

How could anyone block out

 how special and unique each person is.

Did they lose their respect for life

or perhaps they never had it.

It’s inconceivable that anyone could hate so much

that they would just go out to randomly kill!

If only they could have seen past the rage

enough to think or feel, or to get help.

If so they might have had a chance to realizeLife 1c

how insane and wrong it was!

Those who have been hurt

killed or suffered the loss of loved ones

were merely Innocent people

going about their everyday lives!

Totally unaware that the insane

desensitized state of another

would alter or end their lives forever!    HR


The violence and shootings going on in our country is out of control!  Life is such a delicate balance as it is, but to lose anyone to random violence just makes me livid!  My heart aches for those whose lives have been lost or affected by it, you all are in my prayers!   Hansi Riley