You Just Never Know…

the vixen

The Champion by Carrie Underwood ft Ludacris


Today is National Compliment Day, click below. By the way, you all are fantastic! (=

“Very Well, Sir. You’re Not Only Handsome, But A Powerful Man.” Pretty Womanpretty woman compliment

Mysteries of the Wind

Up again down again

round & round

whirling, rushing

all over town.

Why the hurry

and where’s it bound,

as it swirls in and out

pushing us around. 

Constantly whirling

to and fro.

Sailing the oceans

as it continues to blow.

So what’s it after

and why’s it run?

Is it chasing the Moon,

or just following the Sun?          Hansi Riley

The wind 2b

The Dance / Feeling down or bored, well this will might just make you smile, but no dancing (= / Men Do Not Dance (click on picture & enjoy!)

                                                                       dancing in jeans 3 copy