Rockin New Years 2013!

I have a friend from Hobokennye 2013 1a

who’s rowdy and very outspoken

he’s headed this way

for New Years Day

he’ll be partying and

Rockin N Rollin!        


Happy New Year  to you all!   Hansi Riley


A Toast for the New Year-2013!

A toast  to your Health  

next for good Cheer

wishing you Joy

and Happiness

throughout the New Year!   Hansi Riley      

Happy New Year 6

Ah, to be able to fly!

How lovely is the butterfly

dancing in the breeze

always done with grace and style

while traveling with such ease.


Especially since a while ago

she couldn’t leave the ground

all wrinkly and fuzzyflying butterfly 4a

and crawling all around


I want to know her secret

I wonder if she’d share

so I can change

and rearrange

to beautiful and fair     Hansi Riley

Taking the High Road

taking the high road 2


Let’s give thought to all we do

In regards to others needs

and the high road,  pursue

without giving into evil deeds.        

                             Hansi Riley