Whats Going On

Gazing at the sky so blue

I see more lines and haze

from all the crazy chemtrails

the world’s begun to ail.

Do we know what they are doing

how about longtime effects

on our children and water

earth, food and all our pets.

Why would they do this

and how is it allowed

with no regulations

on these deadly dripping clouds.

What about the future

and the damage that’s being done

we can’t just sit here silent

cause they’re poisoning, everyone.

                                              Hansi Riley


This is something you should check out,  the chemicals are now showing up in our water sources.  The bee population has been impacted and on and on.  It is up to us to protect each other, you think global warming is bad…    Start looking up (day and night), it’s pretty crazy.

Chemtrails, Here is your PROOF 100% Real “MUST WATCH” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5is16A8pfw

TRUMP STOPS CHEMTRAILS executive order (but it’s done nothing to stop it so far, they’re still spraying) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9Sxo1Ml5qU



Anti Shark Wet Suits and Surfboards!

new anti shark suit








Surfing and Diving News…Anti Shark Wet Suits and Surfboards!  This new anti-shark wet suits sound like a brilliant concept for Surfers and Divers…if they work! http://www.nbcnews.com/science/anti-shark-suits-could-make-surfers-unappealing-snack-6C10761511

anti shark diving suit

Oh just go soak your Nuts and Seeds!

Soaking and Sprouting your nuts and seeds!

Have you ever noticed a bitter taste when eating Raw nuts or seeds? Enzyme Inhibitors (Phytic Acid) do this and are toxic, they also interfere with our absorption,  utilization of  vitamins and minerals and our ability to digest them.

Roasting vs Soaking (always use raw nuts and seeds)

When we soak or roast the nuts and seeds the enzyme inhibitors are removed.  The problem with roasting them is that the high heat destroys many of the nutrients.  Whereas soaking keeps their nutrition in tack and allows proper digestion, it also brings out the natural sweet flavor of the nuts and seeds.

Once these enzyme inhibitors are washed away (with soaking), the nuts and seeds begin digesting their own proteins and carbohydrates, which means they are ready to be eaten or sprouted which is the next step.  If you over-soak the nuts and seeds they tend to lose their sweetness (3 to 12 hours depending which type, see recommended times) so watch the time.nut bowls 1

Another bonus is that soaking removes 30% of the oil content making nuts and seeds easier on the liver and digestion and they have LESS CALORIES too!

          Soaking  your Nuts & Seeds:

  1. Check your nuts and seeds; remove stones, brown, yellow and broken nuts or seeds, then rinse them well.
  2. Keep each type of seed or nut separate in individual jars or glass bowls and cover with purified water, 2 parts water 1 part nuts or seeds
  3. Cover with a paper towel and soak for right amount of time (see below).
  4. Change the water 2 or 3 times while soaking and rinse the nuts, seeds and the container well each time.
  5. Make sure you don’t keep or re-use water, throw it away it is full of toxic enzyme inhibitors (Phytic acid)
  6. Repeat the process for the appropriate time. When finished soaking, rinse nuts or seeds well and either spread on a cookie sheet covered in parchment paper and put in oven set at 105 degrees until dry to the touch (don’t overcook them), then lay them on 2 layers of paper towel (on the counter) for a few hours till dry.  Then put them in freezer bags with a paper towel and store in a cool place.  Or…
  7. Store in refrigerator, in sprouting environment or in other suitable container until ready to use. If not used within 12 hours, seeds should be rinsed every 24 hours and kept in the refrigerator.
  8. Best to eat as soon as possible, as freshness is what makes sprouts special!

Soaking and Sprouting Times of a few/I have a chart I can post with a greater variety of nut and seeds

Almonds: Soak 10 – 12 hours. Use only unblanched raw almonds. If refrigerated will last up to 4 days or sprouts may turn rancid unless fully dried

Pumpkin Seeds: Soak 6 – 8 hours. Eat within 2 days unless fully dried . Use hulled pumpkin seeds

Sunflower Seeds: Soak 2 – 3 hours. Use hulled sunflower. Skim off seed skins when rinsing as they will make your sprouts spoil quickly. Best to eat them the same day or within 1 or 2 days unless fully dried.

Walnuts: Soak for 4 hours.  Eat within 2 – 3 days unless fully dried.

           Sprouting Nuts and Seeds

Place the soaked and rinsed nuts or seeds in a sprouting jar.  Cover the jar with screening, cheesecloth, sprouting lids or paper towels.  Put the jar face down, at an angle in a low light place. A dish rack or a high rimmed bowl works well because it allows the excess water to drain out.

Rinse every 8 hours. To rinse: Fill jar with water. Shake vigorously. Drain. Repeat 2-3 times.   Make sure you drain the jar well. Seeds that sit in water can spoil the whole jar!  Once sprouting begins, place in a sun lit area. Don’t place in direct sunlight though. Continue to rinse every 8 hours.  Let the sprouts grow for the suggested number of days.

After the final rinse, let the sprouts dry completely! They should be dry to the touch. This is very important! Refrigerated produce dies quickly.  The sprouts can then be stored in the refrigerator for up to 6 weeks.

Once again, after the nuts and seeds are soaked, you can dry them at 105 degrees until they are completely dry. Then store in the refrigerator or freezer include a clean, dry paper towel to absorb any moisture, to keep them fresh.

You can keep refilling a small bowl lined with a paper towel for your snacking enjoyment.  Remember, nuts and seeds are not calorie free, but they are extremely nutritious, so if you pay attention to your portion size you should be fine,  enjoy!