Christmas Chevy Truck Song (= Don cha know…(Funny)

Rusty Chevrolet

Christmas Chevy Truck Song

Enjoy the Music! 

Happy Holidays and Holiday Cheer!

Going for it

I’m going to dance until exhausted

sing my way to hoarse.

Laugh until crying

and never feel remorse.  Hansi Riley

dancing for joy

Rockin New Years 2013!

I have a friend from Hobokennye 2013 1a

who’s rowdy and very outspoken

he’s headed this way

for New Years Day

he’ll be partying and

Rockin N Rollin!        


Happy New Year  to you all!   Hansi Riley

Taking the High Road

taking the high road 2


Let’s give thought to all we do

In regards to others needs

and the high road,  pursue

without giving into evil deeds.        

                             Hansi Riley