Yellow Moon, The Neville Brothers

Yellow moon shining down

on all that lay below,

your gentle rays caress the earth

softening darkness’s hold.

Moving up and moving on

I watch the night mature.

Pondering all your mysteries

as you travel round our sphere.     Hansi Riley

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coyote howling 3de


Moonlit Dreams

The night mist dances

slowly, gracefully

over the  darkening land.

She knows her job wellnight faries6a

and as night deepens

she quickens in her journey.

There is much to do before dawn

on arrival she wastes no time

soothing, calming and inspiring

each to dream their beautiful dreams

and as peaceful slumber arrives

she smiles and swirls away

sharing more of her moonlit dreams. 

                                                         Hansi  Riley

The creation of ‘Just an Old Cowboy.’ and ‘A Friend From Long Ago’

One night I awoke, to my mind spinning with memories and stories of long ago.  I tried going back to sleep, but sleep wouldn’t be possible until this was down on paper.  This night opened the door to the past and my old cowboy was reborn.  

So let’s go back a some years… I’ve always been a bit of a loner, home for me was a lonely place, my horse and dog were my best friends. My dog was one of the sons of ‘Lassie’, our neighbors won him in a Campbell Soup dog naming contest.  They had no fence and couldn’t keep him cause he kept running away.  They gave him to us, because we loved him and he’d always come to our house first when he got out.  He was unreal, he was trained by Bob Wetherwax, Lassie’s trainer and was smart as be and a better student than me.   When not at school,  I was out riding my horse, his name was Diablo.  He was an adopted wild mustang, who was supposed to be trained, but was only green broke and proud cut to boot.  We grew up together and spent many years exploring the mountains, hills and valleys near my house.  Looking back I you see how special it all really was, like being inspired by the raw beauty of the land, and sitting by a stream taking it all in while getting lost in the music of the water playing over rocks, lots of special moments.  Although spending so much time in the mountains along did put us in more than a few dangerous situations, and I was aware how alone and far from help my horse and I were if something went wrong.  (and no we couldn’t just call someone, cell phones hadn’t been invented yet).  Anyways, I think all those experiences along with loneliness helped fuel my *Walter Mitty-ish imagination and was the genesis of my imaginary cowboy friend, and he became my protector and riding companion of sorts. Not much protection in a real situation, but tell that to the imagination… ‘Just an Old Cowboy” is in poem form and the first of my stories about our time and adventures.  

I hope you enjoy them and I hope you also have great and wonderous adventures! 

                                                                                                                                                   Hansi Riley

I don’t have many pictures of my horse and I together, so I posted this movie I rode my horse in, it’s taken at the bottom of the hills, below the mountains we would ride in.    To see the film ‘Marijuana 1968’ go to and scroll to reel 27:43

 I wouldn’t be surprised it it’s #1 on ”Rotten Tomatoes’, Sony Bono narrated and I think he was stoned, hehe 

* The Secret Life of Walter Mitty by James Thurber Walter Mitty had his own secret world, created by am extreme imagination.  I guess mine wasn’t that bad, compared to his.  (=