Yellow Moon (Music by The Neville Brothers, click on pict.)

Yellow moon shining down

over all that lay below.

Your gentle rays caress the earth

while softening darkness’s hold.

Moving up and moving on

I watch the night mature.

Pondering the many mysteries

Of your journey

through this lonely sphere.

                                   Hansi Riley

coyote howling 3de

Best Friends

My best friends dog and horse 1

growing up

had four legs… not just two.

They accepted me for what I did

not just for what I could do.

They never said “I love you”

though through their actions I still knew

that the love and trust between us

would last forever strong and true. 

                                                     Hansi Riley

My dog and horse were my best friends growing up, they raised me well.  I’ve had horses most of my life and took in abused horses to nurse them back to health.  Animals are so smart and they appreciate love and kindness.

Horses in America are being slaughtered and we could make a difference.  Please if you could, call or email your legislator as many times as you want. Lets protect these magical creatures, thank you so much!  Hansi Riley

Gettin Real

I heard my friends talking

about this guy that hangs around.

saying he’s swingin

and his feet are on the ground.

They also said he’s solid,

sounds like he has some strings attached.

but really then, don’t most of us.

Who doesn’t have a past.

I’d kind of like to meet him

and I wonder, should I ask.

It really might be worth it,

to find a real great guy, at last.

                              Hansi Riley

swinging 2a