Cruel Words

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Time for Change

Bob Marley 3bOne Love

No good can come from evil

When setting out to hurt another

be aware

the outcome cannot turn out well. 

For such a thing

is fraught with cruelty and evil intent…

and no good can come from that.   Hansi Riley

Stop Bullying  4-9-13

Are We Becoming Desensitized?

To look into another’s eyes

without seeing the beauty that is life.

How could anyone block out

 how special and unique each person is.

Did they lose their respect for life

or perhaps they never had it.

It’s inconceivable that anyone could hate so much

that they would just go out to randomly kill!

If only they could have seen past the rage

enough to think or feel, or to get help.

If so they might have had a chance to realizeLife 1c

how insane and wrong it was!

Those who have been hurt

killed or suffered the loss of loved ones

were merely Innocent people

going about their everyday lives!

Totally unaware that the insane

desensitized state of another

would alter or end their lives forever!    HR


The violence and shootings going on in our country is out of control!  Life is such a delicate balance as it is, but to lose anyone to random violence just makes me livid!  My heart aches for those whose lives have been lost or affected by it, you all are in my prayers!   Hansi Riley