Remembering Moments

buds 4 ever


the special moment

when you realized

your not alone…

that your loved!    Hansi Riley

Who’s on First…

Abbott & Costello’s  ‘Who’s on 1st’

This is a famous classic!

1952 TV Show,  this is a clever skit is timeless!

I hope you enjoy it!  Hansi

Kindness Knows No Boundaries’

Kindness knows

no boundaries

It can cover the earth

and cross the seas

Especially when shared

unselfishly!     Hansi Riley

earth heart

Chilly lady ‘Autumn’

Autumn shows her golden locks

with beauty and with pride

She drapes the trees

and cools the eves

till Winter does arrive


Always full of bluster

leaving Summer in the past

She has us donning sweaters

to avert the cold she cast


This lady puts on quite a show

before the Winter White

yellow, reds and oranges

these colors,  they delight


Now Winter, he’s a fierce one

and starts pushing her around

so she strips the trees

of all their leaves

and whisks them out of town    Hansi Riley