Memorial Day, Remembering

Remembering all the men & women who have given so much for all of us and our freedom, they are true heroes!  Hansi Riley

memorial day 2013

Angel Flight (Radio Tower Remix) – w Lyrics  Radney Foster

The Healing Place

I have a place

I like to go

it’s lush and always green.

I go there with my problemsbeautiful lake 1d

and leave there

with new dreams.

This place is bathed in beauty

serenity and peace.

The music is terrific

and here I find relief.

This hideaway is here to stay

the cost of it is free.

I’ll never find a better place

cause it’s inside of me.    Hansi Riley

A Prayer Answered

Speak to me and share your story

I will listen.

What Burden do you carry

in silence.

You are safe to release these burdens,

you don’t need them


I will give you shelter and help you find


moonlight over water 1b

I awoke one night to these words and immediately got up to write them down.  When I read them I realized what a gift they were and how they hit home.  I don’t know that any of my prayers ever touched on anything like this, my prayers tend to be more for others and family, friends and loved ones. I’m usually very private about my spirituality, but I talked to a friend today and told him the story, he told me I should share it.   Hansi Riley