Innocent Child / Childhood Poverty in America

inocent child...

Childhood Poverty In America

Ooh Child / The Five Stairsteps


Abraham, Martin and John, 3 versions of this great song, enjoy!

abraham martin john3 versions of this song this 1 is by Dion

This 1 by Whitney Houston

and last but not least Marvin Gaye



Veterans, our heroes

Malibu 2011abc

Breaking the Cycle

Children aren’t born

with prejudice and hate,

but when raised with it

they tend to emulate.

Then prejudice once more

gets passed on down.

Until tolerance and education

start turning it around.

Hansi Riley

babies 2



Firing our Heroes…Speak out USA!

our service men and women 2

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has just unveiled a plan to shrink the US Army to its smallest size since before we entered WWII..  You have to wonder, does Mr. Hagel realize we still have troops fighting in the Middle East?  Perhaps government should consider bringing them home before they start cutting their jobs and livelihood.  Our service men and women sacrifice everything for our country, but because government spending is out of whack, this is one of the 1st places they start cutting.  Perhaps it’s time to readdress the financial benefits and perks of those running the government, and how about Government contracts, now there is an riduculous area of wasted fund that should be brought out to the public.  Look, there are so many other areas of wasteful spending to cut from before cutting the jobs and security of our counties heroes and protectors.  You can read Secretary Hagel’s proposal at   Our Troops 2

How much is a life worth…

We all know about the recent ‘Yarnell Hill Fire’ in Arizona that tragically took the lives of 19 amazing firefighters. But did you know that 13 of the 19 firefighter’s families are getting ‘cheated’ out of the more than well deserved benefits that the other 6 are getting.  I’m sorry but they all were out there fighting to save lives for the state of Arizona, no matter who or where they came from.  Please join me in the push to get the same lifetime monthly survivor benefits, life insurance and health benefits that the other 6 got.  The benefits the men’s families receive should not depend on whether they were permanent employees or seasonal they all died in the line of duty! Arizona House Speaker Andy Tobin is drafting bills to close that loophole, ensuring the families of all 19 firefighters will receive full-time employee benefits.   Thank you so much,  Hansi Riley 

Support Andy Tobin in his fight to help the Firefighters and Fire victims  @Andy_Tobin or

19 of these firefighters died in Arizona fire