Precious Moments

In the past, I’d tend to worry

and sometimes used to fret.

About things I’d no control of

I admit, I’ve some regret.

For wasting precious moments

forever lost in time.

On things that weren’t important

though I thought so, at the time.

How many years of living

do we blindly blunder through.

Before we take advantage

of what we really should pursue.

Like helping out a neighbor

or someone else in need.

Showing kindness to a stranger

letting go of hate and greed.

For time is never wasted

when were doing what we should

and happiness increases

when were doing something good.

                                         Hansi Riley

We’re in this Together!

If we left politics, religion In this together

and all other differences

at the door,

it would then boil down to this…

All we really have on this planet

is each other,

so we really should play nice.    Hansi Riley