Moonlit Dreams

The night mist dances

slowly, gracefully

over the  darkening land.

She knows her job wellnight faries6a

and as night deepens

she quickens in her journey.

There is much to do before dawn

on arrival she wastes no time

soothing, calming and inspiring

each to dream their beautiful dreams

and as peaceful slumber arrives

she smiles and swirls away

sharing more of her moonlit dreams. 

                                                         Hansi  Riley

Mysteries of the Wind

Up again down again round and round,

whirling, rushing, all over town.

Why the hurry and where’s it bound,

as it swirls, blusters and pushes us around. 

Constantly whirling to and fro.

churning the ocean, as it continues to blow.

So what’s it after and why does it run?

Is it chasing the Moon, or just following the Sun.         

                                                                                    Hansi Riley

The wind 2b

Breaking the Cycle

Children aren’t born with prejudice and hate,

but when raised with it they tend to emulate.

Then prejudice once more gets passed on down.

Until tolerance and education can turn it around. 

                                                                       Hansi Riley

babies 2

Old Man Winter’s, at it again

He makes his appearance

in a cool set of duds

long white coat

matching gloves.

Whistling a tune

that shakes the trees

loosening the last

of Autumn’s leaves.

He’ll flaunt his colors

of blue, grey and white

and orchestrate storms

to show off his might.

The days he’ll shorten

and nights prolong

constantly changing

his bone chilling song.

His powerful reign

will play on for a spell

but he’ll finally wear down

and go straight back to ….       Hansi Riley

freezing 3

Life in Black and White

I was black he was white

So sad and useless was our plight

Not accepted in either place

Both afraid of the other race

Hate and prejudice all around

for us peace of mind 

could not be found

It was the 50’s this was the way

We’d be family, if it happened today.    

                                                 Hansi Riley

I wrote this at the end of the 50’s.   it’s not about me, but,  I was having a hard time  understanding the prejudice and cruelty I saw…so I started writing.  I found this poem, stuffed in a folder up on one of my shelves updated it a bit and decided to share it. Things have improved since then, but we still have such a long way to go.  I pray for peace, love and the compassion of all mankind.   Hansi Riley

 Ying and Yang, black and white