Right Place, Wrong Time

Don’t let cruel words hurt you,

keep your head up and  think

‘is this really about me, did I fuel this fire?’

Either way,

viciousness and cruelty are never necessary,

a point can be made without venom.

Chances are, this is more about a person

full of anger and frustration.

Blindly lashing out…

perhaps you were at the right place,

at the wrong time.  Hansi Riley

sad dog 3

Right Place, Wrong Time


Dr. John

No good can come from evil

When setting out to hurt another

be aware

the outcome cannot turn out well. 

For such a thing

is fraught with cruelty and evil intent…

and no good can come from that.   Hansi Riley

Stop Bullying  4-9-13

Taking the High Road

taking the high road 2


Let’s give thought to all we do

In regards to others needs

and the high road,  pursue

without giving into evil deeds.        

                             Hansi Riley