Crossroads Bone Thugs N Harmony

I still love this song, so I thought I’d share it, enjoy!

Bone Thug N Harmony 2


regret 5Regret, such a wasted emotion

beating ourselves up doesn’t help

Better to try to make amends 

look for a positive solution

and see if it’s possible to resolve.

Then never, ever do it again!      HR


Smiling eyes

A smile on the lips

can be full of tricks.

But a smile from the eyes

usually holds no lies!  

                 Hansi Riley

“Adversity can be a great teacher in life if we are willing to accept its’ teaching and learn from it”.  OJ  Brigance  

He’s amazing and inspiring!                   @OJBrigance
OJ Brigant

What’s going on, could we be fueling these youth shootings?!?

Children are like sponges and generally absorb more information in a shorter time than adults.  So it has always been up to adults to make sure that they are educated and protected from extremely negative information.  I think at this point we should be reevaluating what is feeding this increase in youth violence. It actually wouldn’t hurt to tone down some of the violence in games, movies and TV either.  Desensitizing is not new, it has been used for centuries to ready troops for fighting.  Unfortunately it seems that some are acting out some of the violence they see.  If you think I’m just a right wing conservative, your very wrong.  I have always been a moderate and I have no agenda, other than to speak out when I think it can help.  To have this many reoccurring shootings and violence coming from our youth is not normal!  I actually think it’s a pretty strong warning.  The hormonal imbalance going on as a child matures is pretty erratic, one moment laughing the next crying and so on. A happy well balanced child may not have an issue with all of the violence, but obviously there are some that are.   All I’m saying is to check out what is on the games, movies and TV and come to your own conclusion.  Those of you out there directing, producing and so on, would it kill you to take it down a notch.   Hansi Riley