The Goat Whisperer (hehe)

The quality of this picture is bad, as are the clothes I threw on to go down to bottle feed my 6-7 week old goats every 6 hours.   We had all kind of animals, we became a home for abandoned cats & dogs, abused horses, I raised fowl from 2-3 days old also.  It was a lot of work, but I loved it, well usually, as you can see, I’m glaring at my husband for taking the picture, sorry honey.  (=

Feeding our Pigmy Goats, Clover & Holly, they're 6-7 wks old

Short film I was in, hosted by Sonny Bono, bad but funny

In 1968 I was in this cheesy short film riding my horse (see 27:43)< I start here.   They used to show this film to the guys just before sending them over to Vietnam.  I guess after watching this they didn’t mind as much. (= Marijuana (1968) is a short film that is hosted by Sonny Bono. They wouldn’t let me wear any makeup and they had me take off my moccasins. So funny!

Looks like Diablo 1a

They did some filming in our house and backyard (pool with guy sitting on the diving board).   They also showed our high school football team, and I have friends and my sister in it.  I had never seen it before late 2012, it was on TV and I saw the pool shot and told my husband it was my parent’s house (he didn’t believe me, hehe).  So I found it online and we were both surprised.  The past has a way of following us!