You Just Never Know…

the vixen

The Champion by Carrie Underwood ft Ludacris


Veterans, our heroes

Malibu 2011abc

Smiling eyes

A smile on the lips

can be full of tricks.

But a smile from the eyes

usually holds no lies!  

                 Hansi Riley

“Adversity can be a great teacher in life if we are willing to accept its’ teaching and learn from it”.  OJ  Brigance  

He’s amazing and inspiring!                   @OJBrigance
OJ Brigant

Just Do It!

Ray Lewis dancing 1

We all kinda fall into routines

so don’t forget to put aside

time to love, laugh, dance

and be  bodacious! 

                                 Hansi Riley

Junior Seau the Gentle Warrior

The proof just came out that Junior Seau’s brain was damaged by head trauma  I wrote this for his family, friends and fans when he died.  

He was a warrior

mighty and strong

but it took it’s toll on him.

Though he fought

as if nothing was wrong


the damage would win.

He was quick to smile

generous of heart

and helped  children

to get a new start.

Our prayers are with you

and loved-ones left behind

your now

soaring with  Angels

I wish you love

and peace of mind       Hansi Riley

The death of Seau, who committed suicide by shooting himself in the chest just like former NFL defensive back Dave Duerson, who also committed suicide by shooting himself in the chest and who left a note requesting that his brain be studied. Researchers at Boston University have found CTE in the brains of 33 deceased NFL players.   More needs to be done in helmet design and safety precautions!