To what extent

have the threads of the past

been woven

into the fabric of the future.  

                                      Hansi Riley

clocks. 2b jpg

I wrote Memory after listening to this song, enjoy!

Your Story: “Whispers of Darkness” / see the picture on; http://sethsnap.com/

Hansi's World

A long day of driving in cold, wet, bleak weather and the forest continues to thicken.  I’m focused on the directions I was given, getting lost is not an option.  I’m starting to get drowsy and my thoughts go to the hot tea and warm fire awaiting me at my destination.  So I speed up a bit more, taking the curve faster than intended and start skidding off the road.  Startled, I pull to the side and stop.  My heart is racing and I need to calm myself and maybe just get some fresh air!  I start off for a short walk, the only sound I hear is my heart pounding and my footsteps on the wet pavement.  It was a busy week but now it’s time to mellow out and pay attention, that was too close.  The cold seeps through my coat, I tuck my hands in my pockets…

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