Memory Lapse?!?

I climbed the stairs by 1’s and 2’s

to fetch something from my room

but when I got up to the top

what I was after……..I forgot! 

                                      Hansi Riley

Getting Sleep

I’m an insomniac and have discovered different tricks and remedies through the years, which I gladly share with you today.

  • The first and most important one is to get your blood circulating during the day, move around, get some fresh air, it does help.
  • I also take Magnesium-Potassium before bed every night
  • You can make a small satchel and put it under your pillow at night
  • Make sure you have enough Vitamin D3 & B Vitamin in your system
  • Warm milk works for some (unless your lactose intolerant)
  • Before bed soak in a warm bath of Lavender oil or Epsom Salts
  • Relaxation, meditation and gentle Yoga, before bed
  • Chamomile or there are nighttime teas that help relaxation
  • Soothing music can help before retiring too

And if I still can’t sleep,  I go into my office, listen to music and dance until I poop out.  Let me know if you have some to add, and  Good Luck


‘The Running Bug’

I didn’t start running
til further in life

it must of appealed to me
cause I’ll run for Life!    Hansi Riley