Innocent Child / Childhood Poverty in America

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Childhood Poverty In America

Ooh Child / The Five Stairsteps


The World As I See It, Jason Mraz (click below)

Whats Going On

Gazing at the sky so blue

I see more lines and haze

from all the crazy chemtrails

the world’s begun to ail.

Do we know what they are doing

how about longtime effects

on our children and water

earth, food and all our pets.

Why would they do this

and how is it allowed

with no regulations

on these deadly dripping clouds.

What about the future

and the damage that’s being done

we can’t just sit here silent

cause they’re poisoning, everyone.

                                              Hansi Riley


This is something you should check out,  the chemicals are now showing up in our water sources.  The bee population has been impacted and on and on.  It is up to us to protect each other, you think global warming is bad…    Start looking up (day and night), it’s pretty crazy.

Chemtrails, Here is your PROOF 100% Real “MUST WATCH”

TRUMP STOPS CHEMTRAILS executive order (but it’s done nothing to stop it so far, they’re still spraying)



We’re in this Together!

If we left politics, religion In this together

and all other differences

at the door,

it would then boil down to this…

All we really have on this planet

is each other,

so we really should play nice.    Hansi Riley

What Friends Do!

‘Poof’ another zinger!  They seem to come out of nowhere and pop into our lives, the ups and downs can be overwhelming, especially if handled alone.   Having the support of friends and family can help us assimilate new issues, possibly lessening the stress or increasing the enjoyment of the situation.  Being able to laugh, cry or  even bounce ideas off one another is huge. Sometimes just being there for each other is enough… that’s what friends do.   Hansi Riley

friendship also

Are We Becoming Desensitized?

To look into another’s eyes

without seeing the beauty that is life.

How could anyone block out

 how special and unique each person is.

Did they lose their respect for life

or perhaps they never had it.

It’s inconceivable that anyone could hate so much

that they would just go out to randomly kill!

If only they could have seen past the rage

enough to think or feel, or to get help.

If so they might have had a chance to realizeLife 1c

how insane and wrong it was!

Those who have been hurt

killed or suffered the loss of loved ones

were merely Innocent people

going about their everyday lives!

Totally unaware that the insane

desensitized state of another

would alter or end their lives forever!    HR


The violence and shootings going on in our country is out of control!  Life is such a delicate balance as it is, but to lose anyone to random violence just makes me livid!  My heart aches for those whose lives have been lost or affected by it, you all are in my prayers!   Hansi Riley