Happy Birthday Bob Marley

Today would be his 70th birthday, click on the picture for “Is This Love” performed at another birthday celebration, enjoy!

bob marley  gh copy

To be or not..

m and m 6a‘I’d rather be a could-be

if I cannot be an are.

Because a could-be, is a maybe

who is reaching for a star.

I’d rather be a has-been

than a-might-have-been, by far.

For a might-have-been, has never been.

But a has, was once, an are.’  Milton Berle

I am Imagination!

imagination 3a

‘I am imagination.

I can see what the eyes cannot see.

I can hear what the ears cannot hear.

I can feel what the heart cannot feel.’  

Peter Nivio Zarlenga 


Imagine http://buff.ly/Q6Jj22 John Lennon