Cruel Words

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Right Place, Wrong Time

Don’t let cruel words hurt you,

keep your head up and  think

‘is this really about me, did I fuel this fire?’

Either way,

viciousness and cruelty are never necessary,

a point can be made without venom.

Chances are, this is more about a person

full of anger and frustration.

Blindly lashing out…

perhaps you were at the right place,

at the wrong time.  Hansi Riley

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Right Place, Wrong Time / Dr John


No good can come from evil

When setting out to hurt another

be aware

the outcome cannot turn out well. 

For such a thing

is fraught with cruelty and evil intent…

and no good can come from that.   Hansi Riley

Stop Bullying  4-9-13

Eradicating Prejudice and Bullying!

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I finally watched ‘The Help’ and it reminded me why I started writing and painting. 

Prejudice is like a Cancer and when allowed it spreads and destroys.  I think one of the basis’s for this evil practice is fear coupled with hate and cruelty.  Kind of like Bullying on steroids! 

It really is up to each and every one of us to stand up to Prejudice and Bulling.  There is power in numbers, let’s just make sure the numbers stay on the side of kindness, tolerance and protecting those being targeted.    Hansi