Quiet Glen in Winter

A soft glow and then radiance

as the Sun pushes out

from its blanketing of dark clouds.

I feel my skin warm under its caress

I’m surprised by its intensity

on such a cold winters day.

The glen under the sun’s touch, softens glistening snow 4a

and snow fairies appear

glimmering and dancing

from newly melting snow.

The forest groans and whispers

as snow

loosened from heavily burdened branches

softly hits the ground

 and small animals scurry,

in search of food.

I breath the frigid air

absorbing the glen’s tranquil beauty,

and say a prayer of thanks…

for all that is life!              Hansi Riley


Running for Exercise…sort of!

For exercise I like to run.

So I run the dishwasher

dryer,  my nylons and more!

The thing is…

I need variety in my runs!    Hansi Riley

running wilder

Using Your Keys For Safety and Protection, Really!

Sometimes the simplest things can turn out to make the difference in keeping safe, so here are a couple of suggestions.  

Always keep your keys next to your bed at night, within reach.  That way if you hear someone trying to get into your house you can push the alarm button on your key and your car alarm will go off.  Also if there’s  an emergency, fire, earthquake or whatever you have your keys, phone, wallet or purse right there even if you can’t get out of the house the normal route you usually use you still have what you need at hand.  Note:  You need to test the key ahead of time, from where it will be at night to see if it will work from that distance.

Another way to use your keys for safety is to hold onto it when you get in or out of the car and always LOOK AROUND, parking lots can be dangerous if you don’t pay attention.  If you have already put your keys away and get approached, bang into a newer looking car or truck, or a couple of them and run.  You will set off their alarms and hopefully scare off the perp.   Please pass this on, to your friends and loved ones, who knows, it could save their lives!
I hope your 2013 is safe and happy!  Hansi Riley


Treasures of the World

The World has silver

platinum and gold

and is rich and beautiful

to beholdcloud heart.

But of all the treasures

your apt to see

the greatest one

you might agree

has no price

and can’t be sold

just shared from the heart

its the love you hold.     Hansi Riley