Right Place, Wrong Time

Don’t let cruel words hurt you,

keep your head up and  think

‘is this really about me, did I fuel this fire?’

Either way,

viciousness and cruelty are never necessary,

a point can be made without venom.

Chances are, this is more about a person

full of anger and frustration.

Blindly lashing out…

perhaps you were at the right place,

at the wrong time.  Hansi Riley

sad dog 3


Right Place, Wrong Time / Dr John


2 thoughts on “Right Place, Wrong Time

  1. Whatever you’ve got, I have it too. Humor has got to be the best way to let some of our dark sides get out so they do no harm. I have noticed that the more pious a person is the more venomous. You are funny. I am not a real blogger. I’ll tell you the story some time. Ellen

    • Thank you Ellen, I started this blog to share smiles and maybe a bit of thought with others. I agree with you, humor is a wonderful outlet. I have no patience with viciousness or cruelty, if you haven’t noticed. (= I look forward to hearing your story, and thanks again for the feedback. Hansi

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