I am Imagination!

imagination 3a

‘I am imagination.

I can see what the eyes cannot see.

I can hear what the ears cannot hear.

I can feel what the heart cannot feel.’  

Peter Nivio Zarlenga 


Imagine http://buff.ly/Q6Jj22 John Lennon


4 thoughts on “I am Imagination!

  1. This is very cool…………. I watched your short film appearance also. I was 18 at this time and on the other side of the world……….. it made me feel ‘that way’ again.

      • Marching down Burke St in Melbourne (Australia) trying to stop our involvement. Partly because it was the right thing to do and partly because at the age of 20 there was a ‘lotto draw’ and if my birthdate came out I was going to be sent to Vietnam. As it happened my number did not come up but a friend I was studding with, his number did. Sadly I do not know what happened to him. My family has seen enough of war. I lost two great uncles in WW1 and my dad served in WW2, they gave him a medal for bravery under fire but the experience destroyed his life. Having said all that, I remember those years very fondly……….. it was an amazing time to be young.

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