4 thoughts on “Right place, right time

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    In that ‘told you so’ moment, It can be really difficult and as someone who can get quite competitive when in competition (yay!) It’s only fitting that I step back, if only when blogging (lies, I’m also really self-conscious so…blah.) , and look at inspiring quotes and think, how do I interpret what *Franklin* (insert other thought provocateur here when appropriate) is trying to say. I love that he also admits that it’s still pretty darn difficult to say the right, well meaning, thing at the right. Don’t you find you’re always sitting around thinking, ‘yeah, I really feel like I helped there. My words of wisdom aren’t entirely irreverent and wasted on my mere self’, or is that just me? :S

  2. Starfor52, It’s always hard to know how our words affect another, but we usually know when our words will cut and hurt, so my interpretation of the 2nd part is…to keep those words to ourselves. Even if they deserve it or we think saying them could make us look witty or cool.

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