Your Story: “Whispers of Darkness” / see the picture on;

A long day of driving in cold, wet, bleak weather and the forest continues to thicken.  I’m focused on the directions I was given, getting lost is not an option.  I’m starting to get drowsy and my thoughts go to the hot tea and warm fire awaiting me at my destination.  So I speed up a bit more, taking the curve faster than intended and start skidding off the road.  Startled, I pull to the side and stop.  My heart is racing and I need to calm myself and maybe just get some fresh air!  I start off for a short walk, the only sound I hear is my heart pounding and my footsteps on the wet pavement.  It was a busy week but now it’s time to mellow out and pay attention, that was too close.  The cold seeps through my coat, I tuck my hands in my pockets and shiver.  It sounds like a river is somewhere up ahead, so I continue on.  Ah I see it, a small river cutting through the dense woods.  I finally look around at the still beauty of the forest, the only sounds I hear is water shushing over rocks and trees groaning under their burden.  I feel myself letting go, quieting and my footsteps slow to match that of the rivers song.  The mist beckons me, and has me wondering what is around the corner up ahead.  Drawn, I follow the mists challenge, and as I go up around the bend, It’s as if time stops, I become amerced and infused with total peace and serenity.  Eventually I head back to my car, no longer cold or alone.  Their gifts stay with me and I know I have just traveled the true road of my journey.  Hansi Riley

by sethsnap


Above is my response to the photo to the Left by    He asked us to write our response to the photo   Your Story: “Whispers of Darkness”  by



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