A friend from long ago…

Long ago as I would ride

through mountains and the glen

he would ride beside me

to keep me company, my old friend.

Through bad times and the good ones

he’d join me on the trail.

He must have sensed my loneliness,

cause he’d show up, right about then.

I’d see him in the distance

his smile would soon ensue

though he never hugged or touched me

that he cared, I always knew.

His words were spoken softly

to each one I listened well

about his wild adventures,

such great stories he would tell.

Unfortunately, as the years went by

I’d see him less and less.

His absence brought me sadness

though I figure he knew best.

 Then many years later

in my mind,  he reappeared

it was a time of stress and darkness

but his words, they reassured

and I found myself remembering

the lonely girl, I used to be

it was then, I created him

and now he’d returned to me.

                                                 Hansi Riley 

riding on 2a